This game was made for Ludume Dare 44 Game Jam.

Goal : Make the best score until level ends, high value coins give more points.

For a better experience, turn on speakers or put a headset.

Audio synchronization may be better with desktop version : Download link at page bottom : coin-coin-1.1.jar (Windows, Mac, Linux). Java 1.8+ required.

Audio playback is broken with Safari browser. Please use Chrome browser instead or desktop version.

Keyboard controls (both AZERTY and QWERTY layout supported) :

  • Arrow up / W / Z : jump
  • Arrow down / S : fall
  • Arrow left / A / Q : rotate trailing coins to the left
  • Arrow right / D : rotate trailing coins to the right

Hints :


Download 11 MB
coin-coin-1.0.jar 14 MB
coin-coin-1.1.jar 14 MB

Development log


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I loved it! Beautiful graphics and great sounds and music. A great entry!