GDX-Man fall asleep during the game jam and dream of a shoot'em up. Embodying the pilot of the blue ship, every some sounds in the room will be materialized as surprising ennemies in his dream.

This small prototype is a 2 players cooperative game, one controls the fighter in the dream, the other controls some sounds in the room. Made for the 15th libGDX game jam. Theme was "The player is asleep".

The best score rate is how many points you earn in a 10 seconds window. Each killed enemy gives 100 pts. Score rate restart to zero when the player gets hit.

  • Fighter playerkeyboard arrows to move, X to shoot, C to lock/unlock the module.
  • Noisemaker player click on buttons in the room.

For a better experience, please click the Fullscreen button at bottom right of the game AFTER THE LOADING PAGE.

This prototype has no audio at all, shmup background and most sprites are not made by me.

Made withlibGDX


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Really cool original idea! It looks great, and I like the challenge of controlling the smaller shooter orb thingy, and the whole idea of "One player provides challenges for the other".

Great...I don't even know how to mention how cool everything is. I love shooter games and this has it :) and that GDX man is awesome. That split screen is a very smart idea. Great quality!

These kind of 2 player games are my type! <3 great work :3 loved the gameplay. The coding room is perfect ^~^

Great game idea for 2 players. Excellent quality game on 2 screens . I imagine that it can be even more fun and stressfull on the right   with a "seek and find" game that would provide some time of fire bonus on the left.. . 

Nice!!! Executed the theme nicely. Your 2d is just as beautiful as your 3d. Reminded me of The Monkey King game for the wii.

This was a great idea and you even managed to keep it on theme! I would say awesome work but at this point, every Jam you own it. Till next time!