How to play :

  • Mouse Drag & Drop to aim and shoot with ready canons 
  • Mouse Drag & Drop to aim and shoot with ship parts
  • All ship parts have different damages and stunnings time :
    • Pirates don't hurts shark but save time.
    • Rum bottles & Rum barils hurt more than other ship parts.
    • Anchor and Hook are also very powerful.
  • At each level :
    • Shark's getting faster.
    • You earn 1 coin at level 1, 2 coins at level 2, and so on.
    • You can repair your ship : one coin per ship part.
  • The game is endless : you have to reach the highest level.

Made for Ludum Dare 43 - theme was "Sacrifices must be made"

Pirates Overboard is a little arcade game where you try to escape from a dangerous shark.  You can shoot him with your loaded canons or sacrifice some parts of your ship to save time…

Make the right choices : sacrifice your crew ? … your black flag ? .. Your rum !!?

Have fun !

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Perfectly fit the theme Sacrifices must be made !

And realy fun to play when you get that sacrifice thing are the only way to save part of the ship.

Lots of fun and very originall as well!

This is fun, but on my first playthrough, i almost immediately lost my whole ship lol

super fun and funny liked it alot thanks here is my playthrough thanks

(1 edit)

Oh thank you! I put your video on my website here

If you make videos about my other gamejam entries, i could put them on my website too,  :-)

wow nice sure will